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Bulk Import

Upload a CSV file with a list of websites and/or email addresses. Then upload for high volume processing.

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Fast Processing

Grafo AI generates each expression (1-5 sentences) in less than 15 seconds

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Single Search

Simply enter a website or email address and Grafo AI will compose a personalized icebreaker.

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Customize Outcome

Select or customize the message and tone of voice in which you want to Grafo AI to generate personalized expressions.

Choose Your Plan

*One Credit = One Website or Email Address

  • 3 Rewrites
  • Company Description
  • 5 Rewrites
  • Company Description
  • 7 Rewrites
  • Company Description
  • Unlimited Rollover Credits

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  • 7 Rewrites
  • Company Description
  • Unlimited Rollover Credits
Grafo AI utilizes a combination of proprietary, purpose-built technology and OpenAI technology to offer the best-in-class personalized message generation platform for today’s busy professionals.
Our customers are primarily private equity professionals and acquisition entrepreneurs who regularly engage business owners via direct (proprietary) email outreach.
Our team is working tirelessly to improve upon current features and add new ones to our platform. Our customers will benefit from our new and improved features at no additional cost.
  • 2-5 Sentences/Credit
  • 1 Rewrite/Credit
  • Company Description

You can stay free forever!

Receive 50 credits per month with our Free Plan.
No contract or credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grafo AI?

Grafo AI is an AI-driven web platform designed to reduce the amount of time it takes to write sophisticated and personalized messages. Our focus is to provide our customers with a simple way to improve the outcomes of their cold outreach so they can focus on closing deals.

How does Grafo AI generate messages?

Grafo AI has developed a propriety code that generates consistently excellent personalized messages using AI technology. We are constantly improving the way our output reads for more a natural syntax and flow.

How much does Grafo AI cost?

We have made our platform accessible to everyone for free. Our subscription-based services are offered via multiple tiers.

Does Grafo generate AI-detectable messages?

Many detectors are currently unable to identify our messages as AI-generated; it’s a moving target. We’re striving to reduce the detectability of our messages through weekly updates to our proprietary technology.

What is our cancellation policy?

Our customers can cancel their monthly subscriptions at anytime.

Start scaling your personalized outreach

  • Free 50 credits/month
  • No credit card required

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